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i’m sorry but i’m not ashamed to like shitty pop music

how the fuck am i supposed to dance around my room to bon iver 

hawkeye^2 AU | Clint Barton/Kate Bishop (for manceraydered)

One of the more interesting outcomes of the New York incident is the discovery of a bow-toting vigilante, dubbed ‘Hawkeye’ after the infamous archer who played a key role in the foiled alien invasion, who has been aiding the police in (literally) pinning down street criminals. At the behest of the NYPD (and his own conscience), Clint Barton aka Hawkeye sets out to investigate the identity of this mysterious crime fighter, who turns out to be a teenaged girl named Kate Bishop.
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What’s your favorite music right now?I’m listening to Alt-J, BANKS, Woodkid. I’m a fan of Disclosure. One of my favorite, favorite, favorite bands that I’m just playing to death at the moment is First Aid Kit. I’m into either like sort of folksy Civil Wars kind of stuff at the moment, or sort of like moody. I listen to a lot of moody music recently, which is funny because I’m so happy. But it just makes me happy. So weird.  Adelaide Kane for the Just Jared Spotlight Series

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oh, a monster? perhaps you should speak to me more softly then.


Sebastian Stan in The Covenant.